Senior Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment Program

The Senior Behavioral Health Program at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle, Deleware is designed specifically for older adults, aged 55 and older. This program addresses a wide range of diagnoses, including, but not limited to, depression, psychosis, dementia, behavior problems, and complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. The unit provides intensive care for older adults who require the highest level of psychiatric care that is designed to work with patients who are having emotional or situational crises.

An important part of the treatment philosophy at MeadowWood’s inpatient treatment center in New Castle near Wilmington is the belief that most older adults will benefit from programs specifically designed for their age group, with the opportunity to share feelings and experiences with their peers. In an inpatient setting, older adults may participate in a wide array of comprehensive therapies that are designed to educate them about their illnesses and treatment options. Patients are also given ample opportunity to discuss concerns and stressors that may have contributed to their present condition. Patients on this unit receive intensive treatment, which often requires individuals to be much more active participants. The more involved patients are in the unit activities, the greater their progress will likely be. Daily activities may include group or family therapy, art therapy, recreational activities, or substance abuse groups. Throughout your inpatient stay, a psychiatrist will oversee your treatment, meeting with you on a regular basis in order to monitor your progress and provide medication monitoring so that any changes can be made if necessary. Some of the services offered in our senior program include:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluations
  • Medication management and education
  • Group therapy
  • Extensive family support, including family therapy
  • Creative /expressive therapy
  • Aftercare planning and coordination of care
  • Discharge management and placement
  • Reminiscent therapy

At MeadowWood’s inpatient treatment center in New Castle near Wilmington, it is our goal to provide the most caring and professional service to older adults in need. We will answer any questions you may have and inform, educate, and assist you in addressing and resolving the difficult problems and decisions which often arise as a result of getting older. This will help our patients know what to expect during the treatment process, know how to get the most out of being in an inpatient program, and what they can expect after discharging from our program.

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