Why Choose MeadowWood?

MeadowWood Behavioral Health offers multiple levels of care including inpatient, partial hospitalization programming, and intensive outpatient programming for adolescents, adults, and seniors. We are the trusted provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment in the New Castle, Delaware, area.


If you or someone that you care about has been struggling with an addiction or co-occurring mental health disorder, then you have likely been spending a considerable amount of time educating yourself about treatment options, reading about types of therapy, and reviewing information about potential programs.

At MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital, we know how important it is to find the program that is best suited to meet your unique needs, or the needs of your loved one. But we also understand how overwhelming this experience can be.

With that in mind, we created this page to simplify this process, and to help you determine if MeadowWood is the perfect place for you or your loved one.

Elsewhere on this website, you can access detailed information about the substance abuse and disorders we treat, the patients we serve, and the specific types of treatment that we provide. Here, our goal is simply to highlight four essential features of our program.

These features are the fundamental elements that we believe make MeadowWood such a special and beneficial place, where the pain of mental and behavioral health disorders can give way to the promise of a healthier tomorrow:

Experienced Professionals

The heart and soul of MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital are the talented and dedicated men and women who staff our programs, care for the individuals who choose to heal with us, and provide a myriad of forms of service and support.

From your first phone call to our program, and through every step of your treatment experience, you will be communicating and interacting with experienced professionals whose skills are equaled only by their compassion and commitment.

Compassion and Respect

Chemical dependency and other mental and behavioral health disorders can rob individuals and families of their sense of control, purpose, and self-esteem. In addition to providing accurate diagnoses and effective comprehensive care, we at MeadowWood Behavioral Health are also dedicated to helping our patients and their families to retain their personal dignity and regain an appreciation for their true value.

In all that we do, we never lose sight of the importance of compassion and the absolute necessity of treating every person with the utmost respect.

Clinical Quality

Of course, while compassion and commitment are essential to our ability to serve our patients, these qualities alone are not enough to combat the complex challenges that have so significantly impacted the lives of adolescents and adults who come to us for care.

To ensure that we can best help you or your loved one to experience an improved quality of life and achieve long-term success, MeadowWood Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing evidence-based, research-supported treatment methodologies that incorporate time-tested clinical principles along with the most promising new developments.

At MeadowWood, you can expect to receive clinically superior services which are customized to meet your unique needs, and provided by skilled professionals in the manner that is best suited to helping you to achieve your specific goals.

Multiple Levels of Care

From detoxification through residential treatment and into our partial hospitalization day program, MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital is structured to ensure that each person who heals with us can receive the type and level of care that is ideally suited to his or her needs and goals. At our center, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” care. Following a thorough assessment of your needs, we will develop a personalized plan that includes only the focused services that are necessary to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

To learn more about why MeadowWood may be the ideal choice for you or someone that you care about, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering all of your questions, and helping you make the most informed decisions to ensure the healthiest possible future.

What Past Clients Say

The hospital staff saved my brother’s life. Everyone was attentive, professional, and available at any time to help me through the process of putting my brother's life back together.

Most Insurances Accepted

We accept all major insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, most Medicaids, and TRICARE.  Please contact us for insurance verification and to learn more about treatment at MeadowWood Behavioral Health.

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