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MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital is the trusted provider of treatment for adults and adolescents suffering from bipolar disorder in New Castle & Wilmington, Delaware. With the area’s top mental health experts, a multidisciplinary approach, and a blend of behavioral, experiential, and medication-based therapies, we craft unique treatment plans to start our patients on their road to recovery.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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At MeadowWood Behavioral Health System in New Castle, Deleware, we recognize that life can bring about many upheavals in an individual’s life, especially when mental health conditions are present. For this reason, we offer specialized programming that is designed to help individuals who are struggling with the burdens that mental illness and/or substance abuse has imposed on their lives. Bipolar disorder is one such mental illness that can bring about much strife to an individual’s life and often requires intensive interventions in order to find solace. The drastic fluctuations in mood and the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that can accompany bipolar disorder can leave individuals feeling as though life is a battle and that the future is bleak. But this is not a battle that you have to fight alone. At MeadowWood, we want to help you break free from the hold that bipolar disorder has over you and help you rediscover the joy in life once again.

Settled on 11 private acres, MeadowWood’s treatment center is a premier provider of behavioral, healthcare, and chemical dependency services for adolescents, adults, and senior adults. Offering specialized programming that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each population that we serve, we are proud of the compassionate care that we are able to afford to everyone who enters our doors. Our staff is passionate about what we do and is genuine in the care and concern that we offer. We strive to develop plans of success for the patients we treat and we take great pride in the fact that we do what we say we are going to do. We believe that communication is key and we aim to be an open book. Our staff works together like a family; everyone helps everyone. And from the moment you come to us for care, you become part of our family. If you or a loved one is plagued by the debilitating symptoms of bipolar disorder and feel like there is nowhere to turn, look no further than MeadowWood’s treatment clinic. We will do everything in our power to help you get back on track to living the happy, healthy life that you deserve to be living.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for bipolar disorder

If you have a child, family member, or friend who is acting out in ways that are perplexing to you, you are likely to feel at a loss as to what you can do to help him or her. You may have noticed your loved one alternating between behaving erratically or completely isolating him or herself. You may have noticed the presence of fluctuating moods or oscillating behavior patterns. If such dramatic transitions are present in your loved one’s thoughts and behaviors, it is possible that he or she is suffering from bipolar disorder. Symptoms that can indicate the existence of this mental health condition are as follows:

Manic episode:

  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Rapid speech patterns
  • Feelings and statements of grandiosity
  • Lacks impulse control
  • Uses drugs and/or alcohol

Depressive episode:

  • Increased need for sleep
  • Slowed speech
  • Dulled response to stimuli
  • Isolating oneself
  • No longer engaging in activities once enjoyed
  • Self-harming
  • Presence of suicidal ideation

If any of these symptoms are things that you have noticed in your loved one, then it would be extremely beneficial to encourage him or her to seek help from a mental health professional. By educating yourself on bipolar disorder and remaining a constant source of encouragement and support, you can greatly help your loved one as he or she begins to recover from this often debilitating mental illness.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for bipolar disorder at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle & Wilmington, DE

When individuals are plagued by the symptoms of bipolar disorder, their lives can quickly seem to be overtaken by a sense of chaos. The presence of this mental health condition can render individuals incapable of adhering to responsibilities and fulfilling typical daily obligations. Children and adolescents can struggle to perform appropriately academically and adults can experience extreme difficulty performing occupationally. Individuals of any age are likely to experience disturbances in their abilities to function socially as well. The consequences of the behaviors that individuals with bipolar disorder are likely to engage in, such as self-harm and substance abuse, can also be devastating. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available that can successfully help people suffering from bipolar disorder learn to manage their illness and successfully overcome their symptoms.

Inpatient treatment is one of the best ways for individuals with bipolar disorder to begin the healing process. Due to the severity of many of the symptoms that define mania and depression, the safety that an inpatient setting offers can be the ideal environment for stabilization to begin. In this setting, individuals are surrounded by qualified, experienced mental health professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who can provide the therapeutic support and interventions needed as the recovery process begins. Additionally, when people engage in inpatient treatment, they have ongoing access to psychiatrists who can prescribe and monitor the medications that are often instrumental in successfully helping one mange the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Furthermore, in this setting, individuals are surrounded by peers who may be facing similar challenges, which can help them come to realize that they are not alone in the struggles they face. Through the implementation of various therapeutic techniques, inpatient services can arm individuals with the tools they need to face their futures with the confidence necessary to be happy, healthy, and successful.

Our Philosophy

MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital philosophy and benefits

At MeadowWood’s center, we are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive behavioral healthcare and substance abuse services to everyone who is entrusted into our care. Our commitment extends to the family as a whole, and all of our endeavors are aimed at delivering the highest quality of treatment possible in the safest, most comfortable environment available. Our greatest strength is our compassion and our dedication to helping people in their time of need. We do not simply treat the symptoms that our patients present with, we treat the whole person. We focus on all of the little things, because we recognize that all of the little things together are what brings about a true picture of healing. In keeping open communication between clinical team members, our patients, and our patients’ families, we are able to provide exceptional customer service in an empathic manner, ensuring that the main focus always remains solely on our patients and helping them find true recovery that leads to lasting success.

Types of Treatment

Types of bipolar disorder treatment offered at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle, DE

At MeadowWood’s treatment center, we believe that each patient is unique, which is why we focus on treating the person, not just his or her illness. Our treatment teams work closely with patients and their families in order to gain a full understanding of the issues they are facing. By doing so, we are being afforded the ability to create fully individualized treatment plans for each and every patient that specifically addresses all of the concerns that he or she may have. These individualized treatment plans draw upon the vast skills set of a physician-led, multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals that include psychiatrists, Master’s level therapists, care managers, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, recreation therapists, substance abuse counselors, medical consultants, and qualified mental health technicians.

The inpatient services offered here at MeadowWood’s treatment center include an adolescent behavioral program, an adult psychiatric program, a senior behavioral health program, a co-occurring diagnosis program, and medical detoxification programs. Free, confidential mental health assessments are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whereupon highly trained and qualified clinicians obtain pertinent information which is then reviewed with one of our physicians. Upon that consultation, a recommendation for the most appropriate level of care will be offered based on the presenting needs and concerns of the patient.

Based on the identified needs of the patients, the most appropriate treatment option will be determined. For those patients who are admitted, the following treatment modalities may be included into their plans for care, of which will be determined based on their specific needs and abilities:

Medical detoxification: For those patients who come to us dependent on substances, medical detoxification may be the first step of the recovery process if drugs or alcohol are present in their bodies. This process is carefully monitored by our physicians and nursing staff. Once detox is complete, patients will begin engaging in a variety of therapeutic interventions.

Medication management: Psychotropic medications are a cornerstone to successfully treating the symptoms of bipolar disorder. All patients in all of our units meet with a psychiatrist daily for medication management in order to ensure the therapeutic effectiveness of any medications that are prescribed, as well as to make any changes that may be necessary.

Group therapy: Our approach to treatment at MeadowWood’s treatment center is heavily group-focused as we have learned that this type of intervention greatly helps out patients understand that they are not alone in the challenges that they face. This knowledge in and of itself assists patients in heightening their sense of self-worth as they come to understand that they do not need to feel isolated in their struggles. Engaging in groups also encourages patients to find healing in the act of expressing themselves, enhancing self-reliance that works to build their self-esteem. These group therapy sessions cover a vast array of topics, tailored to address issues that are specific to the patients participating in each group.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy sessions are offered to all patients on an as-needed basis. These sessions occur on a one-to-one basis with a patient’s therapist and are designed to be a time to address any concerns the patient may have, to discuss issues that he or she wishes to keep confidential, and to track one’s progress towards reaching his or her treatment goals.

Family sessions: At MeadowWood in New Castle, near Wilmington, we believe that family involvement in one’s treatment is instrumental in eliciting successful treatment outcomes. For this reason, all patients are able to engage in family sessions in order to help family members understand their loved one’s illness, to educate them on how they can best support their loved one, and to help maintain open communication in order to create a healthy family dynamic.

Education: Keeping in mind the importance of a child’s education, our adolescent services incorporates schooling into each patient’s treatment plan so that he or she does not fall behind academically while engaging in treatment for behavioral or emotional concerns. We employ certified teachers who, along with the other members of the adolescent’s treatment team, collaborate with the child’s home school, both in verbal and written form, pending releases of information provided by the child’s parent or guardian.

In addition to the previously mentioned interventions, other types of therapies that are incorporated into our patients’ treatment plans typically include:

  • Medication education
  • Process groups
  • Psycho-education on mental illness
  • Positive coping skills education
  • Expressive therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Substance abuse education
  • Reminiscent therapy (for our senior adult patients)

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for bipolar disorder

The main goal that we have for our patients when they come to MeadowWood’s treatment clinic is to help them stabilize so that they can move on to a lower, less intensive level of care. For this reason, all aftercare planning begins at the time of admission. As soon as patients are admitted, their treatment team begins the process of preparing a plan for success in order to promote positive continuation of care once they are discharged from their inpatient stay.

At MeadowWood’s treatment clinic, we offer partial hospitalization for adults and senior adults that is designed to assist them in maintaining stabilization without requiring them to engage in the intensity of full inpatient hospitalization. Our partial hospitalization treatment option provides structured programming between 8:30am and 2:30pm, allowing patients to return home at night. An intensive, interdisciplinary approach is used, which helps to supplement the recovery process when traditional outpatient treatment is not enough or is not available. In addition, partial hospitalization works at providing a transition for recent inpatient clients as they begin to integrate back into their everyday lives.

For our adolescent patients, as well as for our adult patients do not require or who have already completed partial hospitalization, our staff will utilize the positive relationships that we have with care providers throughout the community, with whom coordination of services can optimally be managed once patients leave our treatment clinic.

Whatever your or your loved one’s needs may be, the caring and compassionate staff at MeadowWood Behavioral Health System in Deleware will devote ourselves to helping you find and maintain true, lasting recovery and healing.

What Past Clients Say

I came here during the worst time of my life. I had so much anxiety coming in but the girls in the admissions area were so pleasant and answered all my questions. The hospital was clean and staff were friendly and helpful on the unit. The medicine they gave me helped so much, and I finally feel like myself again. If you’re willing to participate and go to all the groups, you will get something out of the program. I went right from inpatient to their day program for a week afterwards, and that helped me stay focused too.

– Alumni
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We accept all major insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, most Medicaids, and TRICARE.  Please contact us for insurance verification and to learn more about treatment at MeadowWood Behavioral Health.

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