Adult Psychiatric & Addiction Inpatient Treatment Program

MeadowWood Behavioral Health’s inpatient program for adults is for individuals experiencing a crisis from mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse. We offer a safe and secure environment to help adults regain control of their lives.

Inpatient Treatment Program for Adults

The adult inpatient treatment services offered here at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital are designed to provide a full continuum of care for adults who are struggling with the presence of mental, behavioral, and/or emotional concerns or chemical dependency issues. Comprised of specialized tracks that are tailored to meet the needs of different adult populations, this program offers comprehensive treatment services for adults aged 18 an older. With the overall goal of helping our patients reach and maintain an overall state of stabilization from any number of psychiatric or substance abuse concerns, this inpatient programming option affords patients an opportunity to benefit from individual and group psychotherapies, as well as educational and recreational activities that are designed to allow those in our care to return home as soon as possible.

Program Objectives

The primary objectives of acute mental health and substance abuse care when received in an inpatient setting, and are outlined in our adult inpatient programming, incorporate the following:

  • Assessments are the starting point of receiving any type of treatment services. At MeadowWood’s inpatient treatment center in New Castle, near Wilmington, we offer comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluations and diagnoses so that our adult patients can begin engaging in the level of care that will most appropriately meet their needs and address all of their concerns.
  • Crisis stabilization is worked towards by providing a safe environment in which patients and their families can work through the existence of an immediate crisis.
  • Coordination of care is a monumentally important aspect of treatment as it allows the professionals at MeadowWood’s inpatient program to remain in contact with any outside behavioral and/or physical healthcare providers. However, your confidentially will always remain of the utmost importance, so any contact that is made on your behalf is only partaken in once we have received your distinct permission. If this permission is afforded to us, we will keep the sources of whom you identify informed of your progress in treatment so that continuity of care can be successfully achieved once you have completed inpatient care. We also actively encourage these outside treatment providers to participate in your treatment planning and administration. Again, this is done so only after receiving your permission.
  • Patient and family education is offered by our highly trained, qualified, and experienced staff in order to educate patients and their families on what mental health treatment entails, what the ultimate goals for treatment are, and provide options for supportive services that may be of benefit.
  • Aftercare and discharge planning is a crucial component of the therapeutic process as this program is designed to be a short-term, intensive intervention that provides acute care and stabilization. The purpose of aftercare and discharge planning is to devise a workable plan that will assist patients in continuing their recovery at the next level of care once they have departed from inpatient programming. Such planning includes things such as referrals to appropriate aftercare programs and/or professionals who will best be able to meet one’s continuing needs in order to remain on track.

What We Offer

While engaged in inpatient programming at MeadowWood’s inpatient treatment center, our adult patients are afforded the opportunity to spend their treatment days attending different types of psycho-educational meetings and therapeutic activities. These meetings and activities are designed to teach social skills and coping skills, while also increasing our patients’ awareness of feelings and thoughts that lead a healthy and productive lifestyle.

The specific mental health and addiction treatment services provided during inpatient programming for our adult patients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluations
  • Medication education and management
  • Group therapy
  • Creative/expressive therapy
  • Family sessions
  • Aftercare planning and coordination of care

For More Information

Contact us today to speak with one of our Intake Counselors. We are located at 575 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720. We service all of Delaware, as well as southern New Jersey, eastern Maryland, and southeast Pennsylvania.

What Past Clients Say

I came here during the worst time of my life. I had so much anxiety coming in but the girls in the admissions area were so pleasant and answered all my questions. The hospital was clean and staff were friendly and helpful on the unit. The medicine they gave me helped so much, and I finally feel like myself again. If you’re willing to participate and go to all the groups, you will get something out of the program. I went right from inpatient to their day program for a week afterwards, and that helped me stay focused too.

– Alumni
Most Insurances Accepted

We accept all major insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, most Medicaids, and TRICARE.  Please contact us for insurance verification and to learn more about treatment at MeadowWood Behavioral Health.

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