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MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hosptial helps individuals struggling with benzo addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery, beginning with detoxification. Located in New Castle, MeadowWood will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our intpatient treatment center.

Learn More About Benzo Detoxification

Learn more about benzo detox at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle, DE

Benzodiazepines, which include commonly prescribed medications such as Xanax, Valium, and Ativan, can be highly effective in helping those who grapple with conditions such as anxiety, sleep, and seizure disorders. However, these substances can be highly addictive and produce feelings of relaxation and detachment from one’s surroundings when abused. The longer that the abuse of a medications such as benzodiazepines, which are more commonly referred to as benzos, continues, the more tolerant the body becomes, possibly leading to the development of an addiction.

If you have found that you are having a difficult time attempting to end your benzo abuse, you can benefit from professional care found at a reputable treatment center. Most importantly, it can be critical to find a treatment center that offers detox services so that your addiction can be thoroughly cared for.

What to Expect

What to expect during detox from benzos

If you are abusing benzos on a regular basis and increasing the amount and the frequency in which you are using, you can begin to experience many distressing symptoms when your use ends. Known as withdrawal, these symptoms can be extremely painful and upsetting, and can include dizziness, cravings, and stomach pain, to name a few. Unfortunately, when this occurs, your efforts to get sober can be tested and cause you to go back to the abuse of benzos to obtain relief.

If you are experiencing withdrawal outside of a treatment center, you can succumb to the discomfort of these symptoms and continue to use. This is known as relapse, and it is something that everyone in recovery should always be prepared for. If you have experienced one or more relapses, there is a higher chance that you will continue to stay within the confines of this addiction.

However, if you are ready to put an end to your benzo addiction, there is help available. By engaging in a program at a treatment center that offers detox services, you can begin to obtain the skills needed to make strides in your recovery.

Why Choose Detox

Why choose detoxification from benzos at MeadowWood

Beginning the journey of recovery is an honorable venture, and we at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital near New Castle, DE go above and beyond to ensure that when you come to us for care, that you are receiving the best shot at a life of sobriety. While we will work to evaluate your needs, we will also determine if detox is necessary for you. If so, we make sure that you will obtain the services that will make you the most comfortable. This can include the use of medication and emotional support, as well as supervising your wellbeing during your course of your care.

It is important to know that here at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital, your treatment will be established based on your own unique treatment needs so that you can obtain the most from detox and the other services that we provide. As a result, you are more likely to achieve lasting recovery.


Long-term benefits of benzo detox at MeadowWood in New Castle, DE

If you remain chemically dependent on benzos, you can begin to experience extreme distress. This distress can include replacing your responsibilities at home and work with your use, which can lead to numerous personal issues. Additionally, your continued use can cause physical health problems that have the potential to be irreversible. However, by engaging in a program that offers detox, you can regain control of your life.

Detox services can offer you short- and long-term benefits. From a short-term standpoint, you can begin feeling much better both physically and psychologically once detox begins. Long-term, you can start to feel free from the confines of your benzo addiction and develop the clarity of mind needed to keep moving forward with a life of recovery.

MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital near Wilmington, DE is pleased to provide treatment for you if you are ready to end your addiction to benzos. We supply detox services that are proven to kick start the process of recovery and help you maintain that recovery for a lifetime. If you have been searching for comprehensive care that can help you defeat your benzo addiction, look no further. Reach out and contact us right now.

What Past Clients Say

I came here during the worst time of my life. I had so much anxiety coming in but the girls in the admissions area were so pleasant and answered all my questions. The hospital was clean and staff were friendly and helpful on the unit. The medicine they gave me helped so much, and I finally feel like myself again. If you’re willing to participate and go to all the groups, you will get something out of the program. I went right from inpatient to their day program for a week afterwards, and that helped me stay focused too.

– Alumni
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We accept all major insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, most Medicaids, and TRICARE.  Please contact us for insurance verification and to learn more about treatment at MeadowWood Behavioral Health.

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