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MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hosptial helps individuals struggling with painkiller addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery, beginning with detoxification. Located in New Castle, MeadowWood will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our intpatient treatment center.

Learn More About Painkiller Detoxification

Learn more about painkiller detox at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle, DE

Those who require prescription painkillers for the relief of physical pain can benefit greatly from the use of these medications when their everyday functioning becomes negatively impacted by the discomfort that can stem from a medical condition, surgery, or injury. These medications, of which are classified as opioids, are prescribed by medical professionals and are often given with a warning that they can be highly addictive if used outside of recommended guidelines. If these guidelines are ignored, many consequences can occur.

Some people might take prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes, such as for self-medication or to achieve a high. When the abuse of these substances becomes regular, there is a high likelihood that an individual will become addicted to them. When this occurs, professional treatment might be needed to put a stop to this form of substance abuse.

If you are addicted to prescription painkillers and need professional treatment to stop your addiction, you should consider enrolling in a treatment center that offers detox. Detox can help you clear your body of dangerous substances so that the withdrawal symptoms you experience when no longer abusing painkillers will be minimized and other areas of your recovery can be tended to.

What to Expect

What to expect during detox from painkillers

If you begin to misuse a prescription painkiller, it is likely that you are not doing so with the intention of becoming addicted. However, when you attempt to stop your abuse, the withdrawal symptoms that may emerge can be extremely distressing.

Because prescription painkillers can cause a tolerance to develop, which will cause you to consume more and more of the medication to obtain the desired effects, withdrawal can occur when your use ends. When this occurs, symptoms including bone pain, muscle pain, cravings, restlessness, and irritability can make stopping your substance abuse nearly impossible to do independently. However, by getting help at a treatment center that offers detox, you can jumpstart your recovery and work on different aspects of your overall care.

Why Choose Detox

Why choose detoxification from painkillers at MeadowWood

At MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in New Castle, DE, you will be evaluated to determine if detox is the best first step for you in your recovery journey. If necessary, you will start within our detox program where you will be made comfortable while you go through withdrawal. Our staff, which is made up of compassionate professionals, will work to ensure your safety and wellbeing during this process.

Once detox is completed, you will have the mental clarity needed to work on healing from the psychological effects of painkiller abuse, as you will have relief from withdrawal symptoms and the wherewithal to continue working on your recovery.


Long-term benefits of painkiller detox at MeadowWood in New Castle, DE

If you do not obtain treatment that includes detox for a prescription painkiller addiction, you are highly likely to keep struggling with the abuse of these substances. Additionally, you might also grapple with one or more relapses. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain detox and other forms of effective therapeutic care so that your painkiller addiction can be a thing of the past. Not only will your withdrawal symptoms be minimized, but you will also be able to focus on making a full recovery. Since a prescription painkiller addiction can cause you to prioritize your life around your abuse of these drugs, detox can be effective in helping you begin to make adjustments to your priorities so that recovery can come first.

At MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital near Wilmington, DE, we know the strength and bravery needed to defeat an addiction to prescription painkillers, which is why we offer guidance, support, and clinically excellent service. If you are grappling with an addiction to prescription painkillers, do not waste any more time. Reach out to us right now and begin your journey towards recovery.

What Past Clients Say

The staff is cordial and caring. They helped me through a difficult time in my life and offered great out patient care programs that continued my treatment.

– Alumni
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